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No RDM | Random Death Match !
No RDA | Random arrest !
No Mass RDM | ^^^
No Shooting through one ways !
NLR is 5 mins
Do not Prop Push
Do not prop climb.
Do not prop block
Do not prop surf
No returning to raids once killed !
No Being a minge !
You cannot have a name made up mostly or entirely of Unicode/special characters.
Do not impersonate staff members.
Do not evade or avoid punishment
Do not Prop Spam
No microphone spamming. (Playing sounds / music for an extended amount of time).
Harassment will not be tolerated !
Bullying of other players will not be tolerated.
words like N**ger are not allowed !
You have to wait 5 mins between each raid!
RDA | Random arrest is not allowed
Hacking/exploiting/cheating in any way is not allowed
Do not meta-game
Make sure KOS lines are easily seen.
Do not re-lock doors and/or fading doors with the intent on slowing down a raider.
No multi adverting. EX. (/advert raid / mug / kidnap / tie hands.)
People need to see what your adverting.
No kidnapping, pickpocketing, or mugging in Spawn.

/advert raid

/advert raid assist

/advert counter raid

/advert raid over

/advert gang war

/advert mug

/advert mug assist

/advert kidnap


Your choices during Purge are as follows: Go out and kill people, or stay in your house/base and defend it until Purge is over.

During Purge, everyone (excluding government officials/civil protection) can RDM except for anyone in spawn (the whole spawn area is off-limits during Purge). Spawn boundaries are outlined by the red text on the ground.

Hits may be completed in spawn during Purge.

The New Life Rule does not apply during Purge.

You do not need to /advert raid during purge, just raid!
Government officials cannot purge.

During Purge, you may lock the front door to the Police Department. If people come in shooting, you may kill them. No government officials can leave the PD during the Purge.  If you die, you may run back to PD and take it back, but you cannot shoot anyone on your way to PD. All government officials have to stay in the PD but may offer to protect people. If they do allow people in, they can charge them money for protection. ( You may defend yourself from the pd but you have to be inside of pd and you can only shoot at people who are actually shooting you but cannot purge)

All exceptions to rule-breaking during Purge are stated (RDM, NLR, not having to advert raiding). Any other rule-breaking during Purge will result in warn, kick, or ban.

You may raid during Purge, even if they have a building sign up.

any rules owner/co-owner/superadmin goes !!!

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